This is the Western Australia Formula Ford Championship. It is conducted together with the Western Australia Sporting Car Club. The only cars allowed to participate in this racing event are the Formula Ford 1600 cars powered by Kent engines and Historic Formula Ford racing cars. The “Silver Star Championship” is a Formula Ford racing event reserved for formula Ford racing cars built before 1990. For Historic Formula Ford racing cars to compete at the Silver Star Championship, they have to use the historic control tyre, the Avon ACB9. They also have to have a total weight of 495kg, including the weight of the driver.
Eligibility Requirements
For Drivers
To qualify as a Western Australia Formula Ford Championship driver, you have to hold a minimum of a current Motorsport Provisional Clubman Circuit Licence, PPC. This document has to be available on-demand for scrutiny or document check. An entry firm also has to be purchased, and if you want to participate in more than one category, indicate in your entry form and make payments for it.
For Racing Cars
Only cars that have successfully passed the Improved Production Car rules defined by Motorsport Australia can compete in Western Australia Formula Ford Championship racing events. Inspection of your racing car can be carried out at any point by a nominated inspector at a selected time. You can choose to have your vehicle inspected at a racing event. You can only compete if your car is deemed eligible.
The Championship is made up of seven rounds, with each round made up of three races. Each race has a duration of 10 minutes unless otherwise approved by Motorsport Australia. The length of the race may vary within the round of the championship. You are allowed to use a maximum of three sets of new tyres for the entire racing season.
Approved Racing Calendar
The racing rounds are seven in total, as approved by Motorsport Australia. The rounds include:
Round 1
This round is scheduled for March 28 at Barbagallo.
Round 2
This racing event is scheduled for April 19, also at Barbagallo
Round 3
This racing event is to occur on June 21 at Barbagallo.
Round 4
Slated for August 16 at Barbagallo.
Round 5
September 5, also at Barbagallo.
Round 6
The second to the last West Australian Formula Ford Championship racing event is to take place on October 18, at Barbagallo.
Round 7
The final round of the West Australian Formula Ford Championship racing event is scheduled to occur on November 17, also at Barbagallo. The West Australian team is Fastlane Racing.

Approved Tyres and Tyre Suppliers

The approved West Australian tyre suppliers for the racing events are:
auto tire

Yokohama AO48

The NWS-based teams include Anglo Motorsport, CHE Racing Team, Listec Race Cars, and Sydney Motorsport.

Avon ACB9

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