The most supported Formula Ford State Series in Australia is the Victorian Formula Ford Championship. Formula Ford 1600 cars powered by Kent engines are allowed to race in this competition, and they have to compete for their championship and pointscore. The same applies to Formula Ford (Duratech). Historic Formula Fords can also compete as long as they comply with the specifications provided for Formula Ford 1600 racing cars. Some of these specifications include the tyres, ride heights and minimum weight. Racing cars made before 1990 have their standings within the Formula Ford 1600 championship. It is known as the “Silver Star Championship”.
Eligibility for Victorian Formula Ford Championship
To qualify for a Victorian Formula Ford Championship, you have to have a PCC or higher Competition Licence granted by Motorsport Australia. If you do not own either licence, you must possess an appropriate current Motorsport Australia Competitor Licence. They can be subjected to scrutiny or Document Checks.
Entries and Fees
The entry fee comprises a $40 Vic State Racer, Presentation and Trophy Fund levy. Paying the entry fee entitles you to receive five competitor passes and one tender vehicle pass. If you want additional passes, you will have to buy them from the meeting organisers.
The entry fee is only refundable when a meeting is abandoned. The entry is withdrawn by written advice to the Secretary of the Meeting by the ninth day before the meeting and when an entry is refused. An entry is denied when you do not meet up with the required qualifications provided by Motorsport Australia. The admission fee is only refundable when a threshold is refused.
Conditions for Multiple Competition
You can only compete in more than one meeting if you indicate it in your entry form and pay a separate entry fee.
The Championship is made up of five rounds, with each round made up of three races. Each race has a duration of 10 minutes unless otherwise approved by Motorsport Australia. The length of the race may vary within the round of the championship. The races have to have at least four games unless there is force majeure.
The Approved 2021 Racing Calendar
Round 1
Spans from February 19-21 at Sandown Raceway.
Round 2
This racing event occurs for two days, March 27-28, at Winton Motor Raceway.
Round 3
Scheduled for 15th and 16th May, at Phillip Island GP Circuit
Round 4
Scheduled for July 23rd and 24th at Sandown Raceway.
Round 5
This racing event occurs at Phillip Island GP Circuit, from September 25-26.

Competing Teams

The NWS-based teams include Anglo Motorsport, CHE Racing Team, Listec Race Cars, and Sydney Motorsport.

Approved Tyre Suppliers

The approved Tyre suppliers include:
Tyre Shop Garage Service Spare Vehicle Tuning Concept

Yokohama AO48

The NWS-based teams include Anglo Motorsport, CHE Racing Team, Listec Race Cars, and Sydney Motorsport.

Avon ACB9

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