There are technicalities in place to ensure that there is a level competing ground. These technicalities are in place to ensure that some racers do not have an advantage over others. All the racing vehicle specifications are the same for everyone, and failure to comply will be disqualified. There is also a section that deals with cost containment, the average price for the sale of Formula Ford racing vehicles and their parts. This is also to ensure that Formula Ford racing is available to everyone. Formula Ford racing vehicles are constantly subjected to inspections to ensure that you comply with the rules compiled by Motorsport Australia. There are also inspections at racing tracks to ensure that some drivers do not have an advantage over others. The Formula Ford Australia Inc is responsible for ensuring that the rules are strictly followed to ensure equal representation.
Cross section of a truck gearbox.

Control Camshaft

The camshaft is the device responsible for controlling the input of fuel and the disposal of exhaust fumes. It is connected to the crankshaft through the belt, chain, or gears to ensure the valves' regular timing concerning the piston's movement. The camshaft has radical cams which displace intake or exhaust valves. Formula Ford 1600 vehicles which are powered by a Kent engine, make use of a control camshaft. This camshaft is numbered and recorded by Formula Ford Australia Inc. You can purchase new or second-hand camshafts from both Australian and worldwide brokers. The camshafts are then modified to ensure that they comply with Formula Ford Australia Inc camshaft specifications. When you are confident that they comply, you then send them to Formula Ford Australia Inc for inspection, registration and numbering. This application contains your name, address and Formula Ford Australia Inc membership number.

Control Parts for Duratech-Powered Cars

Formula Ford Australia Inc is responsible for the sale and distribution of the control parts for Duratech powered cars, and for Formula Ford racing vehicles powered by Duratech, you must use the following control parts:
This is a heavy wheel for opposing and moderating any fluctuation of speed in the vehicles in which it revolves. Formula Ford Australia Inc is also responsible for the supply and distribution of these formula Ford racing cars.
Contact Formula Ford Australia Inc to order and make payments for your collector parts.
There are 7” rear wheels available for sale by Formula Ford Australia Inc. the cost covers GST and postage, and this service is open to all states excluding Western Australia.
vehicle engine
Man is doing balancing for tyres

Control Tyres

Another way Formula Ford Australia Inc has been able to maintain equality and cost containment is by regulating the tyres used in formula Ford racing events. Yokohama manufactures the generally accepted tyres for the Formula Ford and Formula Ford 1600 contemporary categories and Avon ACB9 for the Historic class. Membership of the Formula Ford Australian Inc grants you access to quality Yokohama tyres at discount purchase prices.
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