This is the South Australian Formula Ford Championship. If you are a racing enthusiast and are from South Australia, then this is the race for you. The cars allowed to race in this event include the Formula Ford (Duratech) and the Formula Ford 1600 cars powered by Kent engines. Each category has to compete for their championship and pointscore. Historic Formula Fords are allowed to race in this category, and they can compete with modern Formula Ford 1600 cars. The Formula Ford Australia Inc is responsible for organising this racing event. Each state has a representative, and it is this representative ensures that each of the categories has a voice in the National events. For instance, the Formula Ford Australia Inc member for South Australia ensures that the qualifiers have equal opportunity and are not left out of the National Championships' benefits. The South Australian Formula Ford racing events occur on three levels:
National Level
Only those who qualified from the South Australian Formula Ford state racing can compete at the National level. This is an opportunity for you to make a name for yourself if you have always dreamed of becoming a worldwide racer. Winning at this level affords you the chance of competing in the Formula Ford Championships, and winning at that level opens you to racing events outside Australia.
State Level
This is less serious than the National level racing events. At this level, you either participate for fun or to qualify for the National racing events. Those who join for fun are not interested in medals. This is also an opportunity for you to brush up on your racing skills if you want to participate in National level racing events.
Historic Level
This is a more inclusive racing event, and it leaves out no one. It is also less competitive. The purpose of this racing event is to experience once again what it was like to race when racing events first begun. It is more of a social event that uses dated racing cars. Winning at this level lets you decide if you want to compete at higher levels; however, this competition is majorly for having fun. During this racing event, the tyres are Avon ACB9 tyres which were newly approved by the Australian Historic Motorsport Commission, And North Terrace Tyres.
Racing Calendar
There are five rounds for this racing category. They include:
Round 1
This occurs on only one day, March 28, at Mallal Motor Sport Park.
Round 2
This spans for two days, 16 – 17 May, at The Bend Motorsport Park.
Round 3
This takes place on 1 – 2 August, at Mallal Motor Sport Park.
Round 4
This racing event occurs on October 31 and November 1 at The Bend Motorsport Park.
Round 5
Scheduled to take place on November 28 at Mallal Motor Sport Park.


Yokohama AO48 and Avon ACB9. A Formula Ford Australia Inc membership offers you discounts.
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