Racing Services

Racing services are the services offered by Racing Teams in Australia. Some of the services include:
Chassis Manufacturing and Supplying
The chassis is the body or outer framework of a racing vehicle. Regulations are guiding the specifications of chassis in Formula Ford racing. For instance, Monocoque Chassis construction is prohibited. The bodywork of the chassis must not be used as stress-bearing panels. The chassis must also be of tubular steel construction, and the curvature of the undertray must not exceed 25mm. These specifications are so narrow, and it is easier to leave it to racing teams to find chassis that meet up these requirements. Failure to comply with the required chassis specifications can result in disqualification. Some credible suppliers of the required chassis specifications include Bowin Cars, Listec Racing Cars, Mygale Importers, Spectrum Racing Cars, and Spirit Racing Cars. Contact us today to refer you to the provide you with more information on the credible Formula Ford teams that will supply you with the best and most affordable chassis for your Formula Ford racing needs.
Component Supplying
If you need the most excellent and affordable components for your Formula Ford racing vehicles, then you have come to the right place. We will provide you with all the information you need to get this done. For super quality Formula Ford Gearboxes, we have the perfect suppliers for you. Hewland Engineering Limited is the only company globally that focuses exclusively on designing and manufacturing transmissions for competition cars. They have more than 50 years of experience making gearboxes that have helped and will help you win racing events and championships worldwide. They have a range of 13 quality gearboxes, and you can always contact them to help you with your gearboxes. For Formula Ford Engines and Kent Engine Parts, you can contact Peter Lane Engines. Contact us for more information on how to reach these racing car components suppliers.
Design Options
For improvements in your Formula Ford vehicles, we have the right people you can contact. If you want to make design improvements that will lead to advanced racing technologies, of course, approved by Formula Ford Australia Inc, you can contact Racing Technology. They provide you with everything you need to make this happen.
Helmet Painting
A customised helmet can be your racing signature. You can have your helmet painted in your racing colours or whatever colour catches your fancy. Do you want your helmet to be aesthetically pleasing? For a job well-done and satisfying, you can contact LA Designs and AirXtreme Art. Contact us for more information on how to reach these helmet painting businesses.
Motorsport Photography
This is a racing service that documents the details of a racing event. You can reach out to us for referrals to the best Motorsport pho graphs agencies in Australia. There is a wide variety of racing services, equally as interesting as the Formula Ford racing event itself.
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