You will find current information about the Queensland Formula Ford racing championship here. The Queensland Formula Ford Championship occurs after the Queensland State Motor Championship. The winners of the Queensland State Motor Championship proceed to compete at the national levels. Formula Ford Duratec vehicles and Formula Ford 1600 vehicles can compete in the Queensland Formula Ford racing championship. Each category has to, however, compete for their championship and pointscore. Queensland Formula Ford Championships are conducted at the following levels:
National Level
This racing event is reserved for only the best Formula Ford racers in Queensland. They are winners who emerged from the Queensland State Motor Championship. Winning at the state level allows you to compete at the national level. Winners of the National Championship get to compete in racing events worldwide. Formula Ford racers see this competition as an opportunity to make a name for themselves world. However, to compete in any form of Formula Ford racing event, you have to have a Formula Ford Australia Inc membership. Your vehicle also has to comply with the rules laid down by the Motorsport Australia Handbook.
State Level
Competition at the state level is not nearly as severe as it is at the National level. These racing events are more lenient, and many people see it as an opportunity to have fun and push their racing skills. You can decide to take it seriously if you have always aspired to make a name for yourself in the racing world. Winning at the state level qualifies you to compete at the National level. Formula Ford 1600 with Kent engines and Formula Ford Duratech vehicles are allowed to participate in this event. However, if Motorsport Australia is not satisfied with your vehicle specifications because it does not conform with the specified rules, it can reject your vehicle. To compete in state-level racing competitions, ensure that you follow all the laid down rules in the Motorsport Handbook. You also have to get a Formula Ford Australia Inc membership.
Historic Level
This level is reserved for racing cars designed before 1990. These are cars that were used when Formula Ford racing first started in Australia. Racing at this level is majorly to have fun.
Racing Calendar
Round 1
This racing event occurs on 26-28 March at Morgan Park.
Round 2
Occurs on only one day, April 24, at Queensland Raceway.
Round 3
This racing event takes place on June 4-6 at Morgan Park.
Round 4
This racing event is scheduled for only one day, July 10, at Lakeside Park.
Round 5
August 6-8 at Queensland Raceway.
Round 6
Scheduled to hold at Morgan Park from August 27-29.
Round 7
Once again at Morgan Park, from November 19-21.

Tyre Supplier

The tyres used in Queensland Formula Ford racing competitions are the Yokohama AO48 and the Avon ACB9. A Formula Ford Australia Inc membership offers you discounts.
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