This section provides information about New South Wales and Formula Ford racing events. The Confederation of Australian Motorsport has sanctioned New South Wales Motor Racing Championships, and one of the championships is the New South Wales Formula Ford Championship. As long as your racing vehicle complies with all the 2020 Formula Ford, Formula Ford 1600 or Historic Formula Ford rules compiled by Motorsport Australia, you can participate in this championship competition. The chief scrutineer also inspects your vehicle following the Formation Ford Australia Handbook provisions and the Motorsport Australia Manual. You also have to be registered with Formula Ford Australia Inc and have a certificate of origin.
Championship Categories
The championship has been divided into categories, and they include:
Formula Ford 1600
If you own a Formula Ford 1600 racing car, you can participate in this racing event. These championship categories, however, excludes those who have historic logbooks.
Formula Ford
This competition is open to all Formula Ford racing cars as defined by Motorsport Australia or as specified in the 2020 Motorsport Australia New South Wales Formula Ford Championship regulations.
The Championship is made up of five rounds, with each game made up of three races. Each race has a duration of 10 minutes unless otherwise approved by Motorsport Australia. The length of the race may vary within the round of the championship.


The Formula Ford racing event has been partitioned into classes, and these classes include:

This racing event has no restrictions. It is open to all Formula Ford 1600 racing cars. It is officially known as “Designation K”.
This racing event is for all the Formula Ford 1600 racing cars built after December 31, 1994, but before January 1, 2006. This class is officially known as “Class K”.
It is a racing event for Formula Ford racing cars designed before January 1, 1995. It excludes those competing with Historic Group Fa, Fb or Fc logbooks. This class is formally known as “Designation Kb”.
It is formally known as "Designation H", and it is a racing event for Formula Ford 1609 racing cars with Historic Group Fa, Fb or Fc logbooks.
2021 Racing Calendar
Round 1
This event takes place on April 10-11 at Sydney Motorsport Park.
Round 2
This occurs on 22-23 May at Wakefield Park Raceway.
Round 3
Occurs at Sydney Motorsport Park on July 31 and August 1.
Round 4
This racing event is scheduled for 25-26 of September at Wakefield Park Raceway.
Round 5
Scheduled for 6-7th November at Sydney Motorsport Park.

New South Wales-based Teams

The NWS-based teams include Anglo Motorsport, CHE Racing Team, Listec Race Cars, and Sydney Motorsport.

Tyre Supplier

Yokohama is the official tyre supplier for these races. Having a Formula Ford Australia Inc membership gives you access to discounts when you want to buy your tyres. The tyres for the racing events are the Yokohama Ao48 and Avon ACB9.
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