FFA Membership

FFA is an acronym for Formula Ford Australia Inc, and it is the representative body in charge of Formula Ford racing in Australia. Formula Ford membership extends to everyone ranging from the competitors, chassis owners, vehicle parts suppliers to every other person interested in Formula Ford racing. FFA is what makes Formula Ford racing possible. They are responsible for organising and coordinating all the aspects of Formula Ford racing in Australia. Their primary purpose is to ensure that there is an opportunity for all Formula Ford owners to participate in racing events. They are made up of representatives elected by each state to represent their interests and their members' interests.

Some of the functions of the FFA include:

  • Formula Ford representatives are responsible for working with track promoters and ensuring that Formula Ford racing for their state members is not left out of the general racing events. Without the representatives, there’s a chance that Formula Ford racing will not get included in the series of racing events.

  • The Formula Ford Australia representatives have to ensure equal opportunity for all the racing participants and that no one is left out. Technical regulators have to be well managed to ensure that no competitor is left out.

  • FFA is also responsible for ensuring that Formula Ford racers have equal opportunity among racers. They give Formula Ford racers the chance to have a say. They are representatives of all Formula Ford owners, drivers and teams.

  • Members of the Formula Ford Australia Inc offer administrative support to Motorsport by assisting in running the administrative aspects of racing event activities.

  • The FFA is responsible for providing and disseminating information about Formula Ford racing events.

Having an FFA Membership has its perks, and some of them include:

CAMS/Motorsport Affiliation
A Formula Ford membership affiliates you with Australia’s number one governing and sanctioning body for Four-Wheeled motorsport. This is an honour reserved for not just anyone.
Having a CAMS/Motorsport Benefits
CAMS is an acronym for Confederation of Australian Motorsport. Having a Formula Ford Australia membership gives you access to some benefits exclusively for Motorsport members.
Racing Opportunities
A Formula Ford membership allows you to participate in Formula Ford racing events anywhere in Australia. If you have always loved to race and have been able to get adequate training, you deserve to compete in Formula Ford racing events. Get a Formula Ford racing car and a Formula Ford Australia membership, and your racing dreams will become a reality.
Products Discounts
A significant perk of being a member of the Formula Ford Australia Inc is getting access to discounts on racing equipment. You also get access to discounts on products such as Yokohama road tyres and Varley Red Top batteries. These are expensive and durable products, but a Formula Ford Inc membership will let you purchase them at discount prices.
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