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This section answers all the common questions about the Formula Ford 1600. Formula Ford 1600 is a series of championships that cater to Formula Ford racing cars powered by 1600cc engines. Formula Ford is an entry-level type of single-seater and open-wheel formula racing, and it is one of the most affordable and accessible racing events in Australia. It is a car racing event in which the cars involved are single-seater cars. Unlike streetcars or luxury cars with their wheels under their body or inside their fenders, Formula Ford racing cars have their wheels outside their body. These types of vehicles are designed specifically for road and oval track racing events. Formula Ford racing events are conducted at the national, state and historic levels.
National Levels
Young racers are the major participants at this level. It is known as the National Championship, and it is organised by the Formula Ford Australia Inc. This is a very competitive racing event, as each driver strives to be the next big thing. National Championship racing events also help drivers develop their racing skills during competitions.
State Levels
This is a less competitive racing event. It is for those new to Formula Ford racing or those who just want to have fun and let loose on a racing track. It is not as severe or strict as the National Championship. You can also use these racing events to practice your racing skills.
This is more of a social event and less of a Formula Ford racing event. It is a car racing competition that was designed for racing cars designed before 1990. If you are more interested in having fun than winning a medal, this is the Formula Ford racing event for you.

History of Formula Ford Racing in Australia

Formula Ford racing was first introduced in Australia in 1969, and the first official racing event occurred in 1960 and continued annually for 12 years. Confederation of Australian Motorsport, CAM, now known as Motorsport, granted Formula Ford was awarded a national title in 1993. Formula Ford racing had always been powered by the 1600cc Ford “Kent”. Hence the name Formula Ford 1600. It was, however, replaces in 2006 by the third-generation Ford Fiesta unit. Formula Ford racing has birthed many national stars who have even gone beyond Formula Ford racing and participated in other racing sports in Australia and worldwide. Beyond serving as a competitive racing event for racers, it has also been a motivating factor for race cars manufacturers who have repeatedly strived to prove they manufacture the best and fastest racing cars.

Formula Ford Racing Calendar 2022

The national championship had to be shifted to 2022 as a result of COVID-19. There will be seven racing rounds featuring Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. The racing events will begin on March 6 at Sydney Motorsport Park and end on December 3 at The Bend.
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