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FFA Membership
FFA is an acronym for Formula Ford Australia Inc, and it is the representative body in charge of Formula Ford racing in Australia. Formula Ford membership extends to everyone ranging from the competitors, chassis owners, vehicle parts suppliers to every other person interested in Formula Ford racing.
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FF1600 Info Kit
This section answers all the common questions about the Formula Ford 1600. Formula Ford 1600 is a series of championships that cater to Formula Ford racing cars powered by 1600cc engines.
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This section provides information about New South Wales and Formula Ford racing events. The Confederation of Australian Motorsport has sanctioned New South Wales Motor Racing Championships, and one of the championships is the New South Wales Formula Ford Championship.
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You will find current information about the Queensland Formula Ford racing championship here. The Queensland Formula Ford Championship occurs after the Queensland State Motor Championship.
SA is the South Australian Formula Ford Championship. If you are a racing enthusiast and are from South Australia, then this is the race for you. The cars allowed to race in this event include the Formula Ford (Duratech) and the Formula Ford 1600 cars powered by Kent engines.
The most supported Formula Ford State Series in Australia is the Victorian Formula Ford Championship. Formula Ford 1600 cars powered by Kent engines are allowed to race in this competition, and they have to compete for their championship and pointscore.
WA is the Western Australia Formula Ford Championship. It is conducted together with the Western Australia Sporting Car Club. The only cars allowed to participate in this racing event are the Formula Ford 1600 cars powered by Kent engines and Historic Formula Ford racing cars.
There are technicalities in place to ensure that there is a level competing ground. These technicalities are in place to ensure that some racers do not have an advantage over others. All the racing vehicle specifications are the same for everyone, and failure to comply will be disqualified.
These are the teams from the various states in Australia that contribute to making Formula Ford racing events a success.
Racing Services
Racing services are the services offered by Racing Teams in Australia.
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